One-Stop Lending is Canada’s largest equipment financing source with over 5 years of experience providing innovative and affordable financing solutions to businesses across various industries throughout Canada.

With low-interest rates, fast turnaround, and exceptional customer service, our team of dedicated professionals works hard to create a full-service financing experience that continues long after the financing is complete.

To be the most customer-focused leasing company supporting small to medium-sized businesses with a reputation for honest and genuine long-term relationships with our clients.


To ensure that the leasing process is easy and transparent. By educating and advising our clients, together, we find the best leasing solution based on their unique financial profile and their short and long term business strategy

What We Offer Our Core Services

We work for you – the Customer. Not the Dealer, not the Bank, YOU! We get to know YOU and your business financing needs. This way we can offer the best solution at the best possible price to keep your business and YOU on the move!


At One Stop Lending we can offer Secured Loans and Unsecured Loans. For a secured loan, you will need an asset as collateral (Equipment Refinancing).

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A lease is a more flexible way of obtaining equipment to use in your business. Leases have many benefits like paying fewer taxes.

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Why Choose One Stop Lending

we provide loans and leasing options for a wide range of transportation, construction, industrial and commercial equipment; from a laptop computer to a multi-million dollar piece of equipment, if it generates revenue for your business, we can finance it!

Whether the equipment is being purchased at a dealership or from a private seller, we take care of the process to ensure your success.

  • We build a financing solution tailored uniquely to the customer, and in line with their personal financial profile, by listening to their needs.
  • We are here to support you throughout the financing process, but more importantly, throughout the term of the lease. If and when difficulties happen, we work with you to help manage your payments.
  • We have established relationships with over 25 lenders across Canada which results in the highest approval ratio of all equipment leasing companies.
  • Our team of dedicated leasing professionals ensure that our customers obtain lease financing that works for them and their business.

Why Lease ? Advantages of Lease Financing

Pay less taxes

Unlike a loan, leases are tax deductible when claimed as an operating expense, which reduces your taxes.

Preserves working capital, cash flow, and revolving credit.

Preserves working capital, cash flow, and revolving credit.

Consistent fixed payments

Monthly lease payments are set for the duration of the lease. This helps with planning, budgeting and forecasting as monthly payments will never change.

Convenience and flexibility

Leases have much more flexibility in structuring than loans, so leases can be designed to meet your specific needs.

Equipment Refinancing Why Refinance?

  • Accounting or Tax Benefits
  • Lower Rates
  • Leverage the equity in your assets
  • Better Terms
  • Exit a current lending relationship
  • Improve Cash Flow

Refinancing your current equipment and machinery can facilitate much needed capital to help your company during a growth period as well as offer leverage during a turn-around scenario.

We will also consider older equipment as well as specialized equipment other lending sources may be forced to pass ...

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